“Thank you, Poonam, for ‘just being you’ and for sharing resources with other track chairs throughout the year – I think it all helped to make for a wonderful conference.”

Lorraine Boreyko
Vice President
Shakin Boreyko Consulting
New York City


Prospect Research: A Primer for Growing Nonprofits,
Cecilia Hogan, Jones & Bartlett, 2008.

Sreenath Sreenivasan, WABC-TV's Tech Guru and Dean of Students & Professor at Columbia University School of Journalism, shares tech tips & tricks.

Re-Invent Your Research Shop by Undertaking an Audit
by Poonam Prasad and Gloria Kao for Fund Raising Day New York 2003
View pdf

Search engine ratings, tips and resources

Newsletter on the most useful sites on the Web as well as viruses, spam, search engines etc.


Aswath Damodaran, a renowned expert in business valuation at NYU’s Stern School of Business
Valuing a Business: It’s not Rocket Science…
Presentation for Fund Raising Day New York 2005
View pdf

Net Worth Estimates: Voodoo or Make-Do?
Presentation by Melinda Papowitz for Fund Raising Day New York 2003
View pdf


The Foundation Center’s Philanthropy News Digest

Giving USA, an annual report on philanthropy published by the Giving Institute (formerly the American Association of Fund Raising Council)

Strategies for surviving in difficult economic times shared at the Connecting In A Crisis networking event held at the Foundation Center on March 12, 2009

New York University, School of Continuing and Professional Studies, George H. Heyman, Jr. Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising


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